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Digital Transformation Accelerated for CSG Dispatching Development
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Recently, the company won the bid of RMB52 million for the deployment of master station software in Guangdong, covering 11 master station systems with more than 40 functions at municipal level under Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. (Guangdong Power Grid), and it was the highest amount of winning bid among the existing master station manufacturers of China Southern Power Grid (CSG). A number of new technologies and functions are listed in the bidding requirements for the function development of the master station system of Guangdong Power Grid, including new energy AVC, AI control, remote operation and maintenance, information security guarantee, etc., fully reflecting the leading position and technological advancement of ?????г?????????????????? in master station systems under Guangdong Power Grid and CSG.

?????г?????????????????? has 27 sets of E8000 dispatching systems being operated in Guangdong to provide technical support for main and ancillary regulation and distribution network operation for 11 cities including Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan and Zhongshan. For years under the tenant of R&D perfection, the master station dispatching team of the company has been working hard to exploit, guide and satisfy the demands of customers, while providing high-quality service and experience. In 2020, of the 326 prefecture-level administrative regions in China for reliable power supply, Zhuhai and Zhongshan took the first two places, while Foshan and Guangzhou also ranked among the top ten. The safe and stable system and professional technicians of the company provided strong and trusted support.

For the function development and on-site implementation, the company will elaborately organize R&D and engineering resources to guarantee high-quality and timely completion of function development and technical services. The R&D team will work closely with the marketing team, leveraging all available advantages to further exploit customers' needs and develop advanced technologies, high-quality services and satisfactory experience to users.

Under the national strategies on "carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions??, the construction of a power system and digital power grid with focus on new energy has been given the top priority in power grid construction and development. The company will stand firm to the R&D to discover the primary needs of customers, explore the road of digital R&D, hold tightly seize the market opportunities of energy revolution and digital transformation with the change of business forms, and develop innovative and advanced technologies and product solutions, thus assisting the company in achieving the goal of ??10 Billion ?????г???????????????????? as soon as possible.