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Lead the World! ?????г????????????????????s E2800 Integrated Energy Management System Passed the Scientific and Technological Appraisal of CES
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Lead the World!

?????г????????????????????s E2800 Integrated Energy Management System Passed the Scientific and Technological Appraisal of CES

On January 28, 2021, the "E2800 Integrated Energy Management System" developed by ?????г?????????????????? Corporation (?????г??????????????????) passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of China Electrotechnical Society (CES). Experts from the appraisal committee agreed that the key technologies of the system lead the world.

Different from the traditional energy management system, which only monitors and analyzes but does not control the use of energy, the E2800 Integrated Energy Management System adopts the design concept of hierarchical distribution, and provides functions such as multi-energy complementary, collaborative and optimized control, multi-user interaction, hierarchical distribution and multi-energy fault handling. It can meet the energy management needs of various users such as industrial parks, enterprises, production lines/workshops, and others. By transforming traditional electric energy management into comprehensive energy management that supports multi-energy coupling complementarity and multi-user interaction, it realizes accurate control of the whole process of complex coupling energy covering production, transmission, storage and use. The R&D and application of this system is of great significance for integrated management of various energy media such as electricity, gas and water, and improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy.

The R&D of the system was supported by one of the first major R&D plan special projects "Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies of Multi-user Interactive Distribution and Electricity System in Industrial Park" (2016YFB0901300). The system has been tested by Xuchang KETOP Testing Research Institute Co., Ltd., a third-party organization, and been applied to various comprehensive energy application scenarios such as industrial parks, enterprises and production lines/workshops on a large scale. The actual operation results show that the system can improve energy efficiency, cut energy consumption costs, and lower manpower requirements for operation and maintenance. It proves that the system enjoys good prospect of wide application, with remarkable economic and social benefits.

The favorable outcomes of the 2800 Integrated Energy Management System would not be possible without the personal supervision and leadership of Yang Hengkun, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of ?????г?????????????????? and the further advancement of R&D. ?????г??????????????????, as the earliest provider of comprehensive energy services in China, can offer customers such as power grid companies, comprehensive energy companies, office buildings, industrial and commercial enterprises, campuses, hospitals, science and technology parks, industrial parks, and others a full chain of comprehensive energy services including energy construction, management, and trading, as well as intelligent operation and maintenance. The E2800 Integrated Energy Management System boasts promising market prospect of wide use as China is prompting energy reform, and will also enable the early realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.