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Fighting the epidemic and actively participating in social welfare undertakings
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For many years, the Company has been concerned about social welfare undertakings and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the Company has earnestly carried out epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, escorted power during the epidemic period, and donated epidemic prevention materials to epidemic areas and customers. The Company urgently developed eight ??epidemic prevention and control software?? including ??epidemic prevention and control investigation system?? and ??epidemic prevention and control platform system??, which greatly improved the prevention and control efficiency at the grassroots level and contributed wisdom to epidemic prevention and control investigation.
For a long time, the Company has always taken caring for people's livelihood as its responsibility. It has donated money and materials to areas, entities or individuals such as natural disaster areas, poor towns and villages, charitable associations, Red Cross Society, Youth Development Foundation, etc., which has been widely praised by the society. In combination with its own advantages, the Company integrates public welfare into the platform business and gives full play to the resource advantages of "public welfare + technology", and contribute itself to more public welfare and charitable projects.

Prevention and Control Investigation Escorting Power

                              ?? Epidemic prevention and control investigation system           ?? Epidemic prevention and control platform system

 ?? Donation of anti-epidemic materials           ?? Stick to the post of escorting power

Care for vulnerable groups, maintain social security


Blood donation,  donation for quake-hit areas